Stories of the Past Reception – September 30, 2016

We had a great opening night for our exhibition. The seniors were thrilled with all the attention and the Art Center had an amazing turnout. Lucy Brett, the senior who I have been working with all summer showed up in a red suit and a red hat. She looked lovely and reminded me so much of my mom. She has lent me the quilt she had crocheted and the red hat she wore while a member of the “Red Hat Society. These are both on display along with the artwork created based on Lucy’s story. I will post some pictures as soon as I get them of the display but if you are close to the Vernon Community Art Center between now and October 25th, stop in and read some amazing stories given to us by the seniors we have all worked with. What a pleasure to have had this opportunity. The following pieces of artwork tell part of Lucy’s story. The “Quilt of Many Colors” shows Lucy’s quilt work. The “Happy Hats” shows a hat shop with the hats Lucy loves to wear and “Birch Bay Summers” is my interpretation of the trailer that Lucy and her family spent summers in at Birch Bay. I have created cards and prints of these images and have also included a copy of the artwork in a book I published on Lucy’s “Stories of the Past”. The book will be given to Lucy at the end of the exhibition as a thank you to her for sharing her story.
“Quilt of Many Colors”
quilt of many colors resize
“The Happy Hat Shop”
happyhats resize
“Birch Bay Summers”
birch bay summers resized

“Stories of the Past”

In April of this year I signed up to work on a project called “Stories of the Past”. I was teamed up with a senior from a retirement home here in Vernon along with six other artists and seniors. The plan was to have an exhibition at the end of September telling their stories in artwork and words. It has been a great project and I have enjoyed getting to know my senior, Lucy, who turned 91 this summer. She has some great Vernon historical connections and I am looking forward to telling her story on September 30. Stories of the Past

The Bean Scene – Vernon

Come check out my Happy Art at the Bean Scene on Main Street in Vernon for the month of July.  These prints have been residing at Universal Hair Studio for the last two months and they are on the move along with a few new finished pieces. This has been a busy few months drawing, coloring, framing and placing art in new locations.  I have just finished putting cards and prints into “The Artful Hand” in the Orchard Park Mall.  Check them out.  This new artisan shop supports local artists and they are carrying beautiful jewelry, clothing, art prints, cards, and much more. Lake Country Gift Shop also supports local artists by displaying their work and I have just placed some artwork there as well.

The Armstrong Art Gallery is holding their Annual Ribbon Show in July.  We really do have some fabulous Okanagan Artists so come and check out their artwork.

On the project side, I am currently working with 10 lovely artists who have all been teamed up with 10 lovely seniors for a project called “Stories of the Past”.  We are each working with a senior [mine just turned 91]  and learning about their past and incorporating our art into their stories. Mine was a “red hatter” so needless to say I have to have that red hat in the artwork.  We will be having an opening reception with the artists and their seniors on September 30, 2016 at the Vernon Community Art Centre from 5pm-7pm and would love to see you there.

Have a wonderful summer.  Here is a piece I have just finished.  It is from my coloring book “Happy Art – Finding Your Zen”.

Down By The Riverside

The Joy of Coloring

I recently completed a coloring book of whimsical images similar to the ones on this website. It was fun to create and available in most of the locations that carry my cards. Here is a peek at some of the images.  Coloring at first glance may seem childish,  an act that many of us did when we were young.  But think back – remember why you colored, and how you felt when you were doing it.  The act of coloring itself becomes a meditation that relieves stress, relaxes the body and clarifies the thought processes.  I am now looking forward to coloring my originals and creating prints and cards from them.  Coloring for me is happiness.

Nancy Vince Colouring Book FeatureBless Our Nests Down by the Riverside  Ocean Dancers

Armstrong Art Gallery Annual Ribbon Show 2015

What a nice surprise to show up at the Annual Ribbon Show opening at the Armstrong Art Gallery and discover receiving three ribbons for the art pieces I entered. Second Prize for Mixed Media, Third Prize for Alternate Medium, and Third Prize for Acrylic.
Salmon Arm Show Pics

Sources of Inspiration – Vernon Community Art Centre

Check out the artwork of students who participated in the “Sources of Inspiration” workshop led by Gale Woodhouse. We all have our individual journeys on display. My journey begins with my garden, leads to my first painting and my happy art. After taking Gale’s class I realized there is so much out there for us to learn. She encouraged me to spread my wings and I have now discovered glass fusing and clay which I really enjoy as well as the other arts. Our displays are up for the month of June at the Vernon Community Art Centre.

Welcome to My Website

My first artistic endeavor took place in my Maple Ridge garden. We built our home on acreage in the country and over a period of twelve years created an award winning garden that was featured in the Vancouver Sun, on the Home and Garden Channel, and in the magazines “Gardens West” and “Canadian Gardening”. I was very involved with the Maple Ridge Garden Club and when my husband and I decided to move and retire to the Okanagan, the garden club asked if I planned on creating another garden. I told them my retirement dream was to learn how to draw and paint so as a going away gift the club gave me a complete art set.

However after we built our home in Coldstream I was asked if I would consider working a few days a week which turned into almost full time and the art set moved to the back of the closet.

After my dad passed away a few years ago my mom moved in with us. With her in our home I knew it was time to retire again but not being one to sit still for too long I realized I would finally be able to take that art set out of the closet. In the summer of 2012 I started to attend a drop in art class at Nadine’s Fine Arts. I created my first piece and was thrilled with the result.

I began with acrylic paints but after a health scare last year I thought I would attend a class on “Zen” Doodling and have now discovered a whole new world of meditative art. I slowly worked from black and white to color and now call my pieces “Happy Art”.

Art has been incredibly rewarding for me and as one project is being finished I am already planning the next one. I love being able to let my imagination flow into each piece and I can get so lost at the drawing board that hours seem to slip by in what seems like minutes.

Although I now only create my garden in pots on the deck, I can create flowers and gardens in my art. Creating new pieces of art has become my form of meditation and every moment soothes my soul and brings me peace.

“In all thing of nature, there is something of the marvelous”