Artsolutely is an Art Show and Sale held at the Vernon Community Art Centre in Vernon, BC. It is an annual fundraiser for the Art Centre, a not-for-profit arts organization and I am proud to be one of the artists exhibiting there again this year. Over 25 of the North Okanagan’s Finest Artisans have pottery, glass, jewellery, fibre art, paintings and more in the show and we are open every day, Monday to Friday, 9-7, Saturday 9-5, Sunday 12-4 and close on December 24th at 1pm. Check us out, shop local and support the Art Centre. Have had fun lately coming up with Winter Cards for the holidays. Here is one of the latest of my many winter images.


Armstrong Art Gallery Show – September 2018

One of my first illustrations with color was “Undersea Gardens”  I discovered the bright happy colors I was able to put down on paper and was excited with what I created.  But I remember showing it to an art teacher and her first question was “is it light fast”.

Light fast!! What did that mean! Well I looked into definitions and was disappointed to find out that what I was creating with alcohol inks was not.  But that was 3 years ago and I have done a lot of research and tests and have not let this stop me from what I am doing.  I continue to use my alcohol ink “blend able” Copic markers to create my “happy art”.  Once the black and white illustration is finished, it is scanned and saved for future coloring books.

Then the fun begins and the color is added.  Actually the fun begins when I sit down and begin to create what I visualize in my mind.  My sister recently sat down to color a piece in one of my coloring books and said she has a whole new insight into my busy mind. Once the illustration is finished with color, it is again scanned and sent off to different places to be made into fine art prints, prints on canvas and to the photo lab for prints for cards.

The originals are sprayed with varnish, then UV spray and framed under non-glare UV glass.  I have one original set aside that I sprayed only with UV spray. It has been in a window and half covered with paper for almost two years and to date no color loss.  So with the proper care I am comfortable that the images are protected from fading.  I have a great time coming up with new ideas for illustrations and love what I do.  I have my own show coming up at the Armstrong Art Gallery in Armstrong, BC for the month of September and am excited to show off my work.  I just finished this piece for the show {Hummer’s Heaven}. If you are in the Vernon-Armstrong neighborhood, the exhibits opening reception is on September 6 at 6pm. It is an open reception and everyone is welcome.

Happy Art – Finding Your Zen

Well I really needed some “Zen” in my life these past two weeks. Some of you may have noticed that my site was down for a while. I received a call from a friend saying they could not find my website. Panic set in when I could not find it and after several calls to the website host it turns out it was accidentally deleted. After 8 or 9 hours on the phone with a wonderful tech support person in Arizona it was located and set back up but missing all the images and posts I had added since January 25, 2018. So still a few bugs to sort out but with a bit of work and help I should have it all back to normal within a week or two.

The Village Gallery in Lumby exhibited my work for the months of March and April. It was fun to see a large display up in one spot and it consisted of prints on canvas of over 20 pieces of my whimsical artwork. And in May, Nadine’s Fine Art and Frames displayed over 35 of my original pieces. All the original artwork has been sprayed with a varnish, then a UV spray, and then framed under non-glare UV conservation glass. I have tested a piece sprayed only with UV spray in a window for a year and a half and to date have had no color loss.

In the midst of the website drama, I was also getting ready for Creative Chaos so needless to say the “zen” was missing during that time. But the show was a great success. I had a chance to visit with many friends and neighbors, as well as meeting some lovely new vendors. Then off to Salmon Arm to set up a display of my work at the Artisans Gift Shop at DeMilles. So now I am ready for a little downtime and then get ready time for a day to display my art at the Granville Island Market on August 2nd and then a solo show in the Freeze Gallery of the Armstrong Art Gallery in September.

Here are a few images of the originals framed at Nadines this past month. Life on the farm always has many memories.

A New Year, New Art, New Adventures

I find creating a new illustration is usually easier for me than writing a post.  I sat here for the last half hour trying to come up with a title and what to write about. It was hard, but then I thought, it is a new year, I am creating new art and I have new adventures coming up in 2018. I have created several new illustrations that I am now putting color to.  I usually carry my art bag with me and when I have time, I work on new pieces. I only need my pencil, pen and eraser when I am away and save the coloring process for when I am at home. I am also redoing several of my older illustrations on illustration board. My first work was all done on illustration paper and I now only work on board.  I like the firmness of it and have been testing my work to see how the alcohol ink illustrations stand up to light.  I find the board absorbs more ink and when a piece is finished I spray it with Kamar Varnish and then UV spray.  I left one illustration that was protected with UV spray in a window, half covered with paper, for over a year.  I recently lifted the paper and saw no change in the color of the two sides.  Alcohol ink art as with any fine art should not be hung in direct sunlight or under florescent lighting.  If I have the original framed, I have it framed with conservation glass. Now that I have taken the time to test my illustrations, I feel more confident displaying my original pieces in gallery shows.  Here is a redo of an illustration I call “Let’s Do Lunch”.  I thought the chickens could use a bigger vegetable garden.  They look like they all have healthy appetites.

My new adventures include being Artist of the Month in the Village Gallery in Lumby for the month of March and April.  I will be displaying my prints and giclees for that show.  I am then displaying my original artwork at Nadine’s Art Gallery for the month of May and I have just been informed that my proposal for an art show at the Armstrong Art Gallery was accepted and I will have a show there in September.  So busy times ahead but a good busy.  I love to create and come up with new ideas.  I also have a short You Tube video that was put out by Shaw Cable that shows the process I use to create my artwork.  I have included the link on my website under “Links”.  Many thanks to Patricia for interviewing me and making me feel comfortable.

I have taught a couple of “Happy Art” classes at the Vernon Community Art Centre and today was the first one for 2018.  It is fun to spend time with people who are interested in the type of artwork I do and I have the pleasure of working with seven lovely ladies for a couple more classes this month.  The next set of classes will be in April so if you are interested in taking a session, contact the art centre for more information and to sign up.

Artsolutely 2017 was a very successful event at our centre.  It is a major fundraiser for our art centre and it was fun to participate and meet all the artists and artisans that were there this year.  We are lucky to have such a wonderful centre here in Vernon and I have to say my life changed when I first walked through the doors four years ago.  I have met so many lovely people and am happy to be a part of a very lively art community.  If you live in the area and have never been there, check it out and see what it is all about.  Well, I did not think I had much to say but I guess I did so I am wishing you all a very happy January and a successful 2018.

Winter is Upon Us

We are making weather records here in the Okanagan. Record cold, record snow and it is only the 9th of November. So what better time to put up some winter scenes than now. We may as well get into the spirit so I am adding some cheery, happy, snowy, snowman pictures to hopefully bring a smile. One piece is called “Winter Wonderland” and one is called “Wish Upon a Star” which has a house in it exactly the color of the house we had when we lived on the coast in Maple Ridge. I was the neighborhood rebel and had our house painted turquoise. We built our house and were at the stage of painting the outside. When my husband and kids left for work and school, the painters had just arrived. They wanted to be sure that the color they were putting on was really what I wanted and of course I said yes. When the family got home, they all thought I had lost it. “What have you done” is what I was greeted with. But I told them not to worry, I had great plans for this place and the plan was to create an amazing garden. Which is exactly what I did. It has been featured in the Vancouver Sun, the Home and Garden Channel, and the magazines Gardens West and Canadian Gardening. So color has always played an important part in my life, both in the garden I created and now in my art. So here are the two winter pieces I just finished. I also just had the pleasure of being interviewed by Patricia Doyle for a Shaw Cable video which has just come out on You Tube in which I talked a little about our garden. Once I figure out how to link it to my webpage I will put it here but in the meantime you can check out You Tube, Artisans Alley, Episode 7-Nancy Vince. Not sure if that is enough information to get you there but I will figure this out and get it on my webpage. Hope you are all keeping warm. Happy November.

Not Paint by Numbers

I had an interesting conversation with someone who was checking out my work during a “Meet the Artist” event in town last week. It is not the first time I have been asked if I am working with a “paint by number” illustration or just coloring someone’s drawing from a coloring book since “adult coloring books” are all the rage these days. I create my illustrations from ideas I have seen on the internet or a word someone may have mentioned such as a “tugboat” or “dirty laundry” or events that have happened in the past such as a squirrel hiding sunflower seeds in my gardening boots or the sheep getting into the cornfield when we had a hobby farm. So many triggers can inspire my next illustration but ultimately they are a combination of ideas that come into my head that I put into a piece of “happy” art. They do not always work out and those I save to remind me not to try this or that again. I start with an idea, rough it out in pencil, fine tune it in ink and then comes the color which I love. Each illustration takes me from 15-20 hours to complete and then comes the scanning, making cards, prints and more. I have just updated my gallery to include the last few illustrations. I had breakfast with my friends from the coast last week and was asked if I had ever been to a Winery called “The Dirty Laundry Vineyard”. I haven’t, but it inspired me to create this latest artwork. Hope you enjoy. I call it “Summertime …. and the Living is Easy”

RespectFest 2017 – September 18 – 24

RespectFEST 2017 is about celebrating respect & diversity in the North Okanagan as part of Canada’s 150th Birthday. It is a week long celebration that will provide opportunities to learn about, and interact with, people from all different races, cultures, religions, and backgrounds. One of the events planned is ART ABOUT TOWN. Local artists are encouraged to team up with a downtown business to display their artistic talents. I am happy to be teaming up with Nature’s Fare Markets in Vernon and will be displaying my art in their Bistro and also having a “Meet the Artist” event in their store on September 22 from 11am-3pm. I hope you will stop by and say hello. My artwork will be on display for the full week and at the “Meet the Artist” event I will be giving away one of my illustrations for you to take home and color. To learn more about “RespectFEST” check out their website:
Although summer weather is still going strong, here is my latest illustration showing a squirrel getting ready for winter. I have called it “The Stash” from a real life event when I lived on the coast. We had a garden shed that had my big rubber boots inside. I went to get them one day and when I went to put them on they were filled with sunflower seeds. I did not have the heart to throw them out as that squirrel worked so hard to hide them. I thought acorns would work for this illustration. All illustrations in my gallery are available as cards at locations found in my “Shop”. Have a great September!!

Website Updated

I discovered by accident that all my images had gone missing from my Happy Art Gallery. So suddenly I had to become a website “expert” [not likely] but I learned enough to update all my images and add a new gallery of images that shows my art on fabric. New ideas have been popping into my head and I have been busy creating new fun “Happy Art” and getting it out there on cards and prints. I met Sandy at Creative Chaos in June and she asked if I would like to have my artwork in Salmon Arm at the Artisan Market by DeMille’s Farm Market so now I have a display there. One of her customers called me up and asked if I would give a mini-lesson so I had the pleasure of spending some time with her and her daughter in laws in my studio. Art has certainly opened up my world and it is so nice to meet new and interesting people. Well, back to the drawing board. I have a new idea in my head and anxious to get it going. Will end up on the website as soon as I am done. Have a great August everyone.

Each of us is an artist, capable of conceiving and creating a vision from the depths of our being.
“Dorothy Fadiman”

Great to See Summer Arrive

It is great to see summer arrive along with the flowers and the hummingbirds. Nothing is more delightful than seeing those tiny little hummers buzzing around your feeder and bathing in your fountain. Spent the long weekend in May shopping for plants and getting our deck ready to enjoy some downtime.
It has been a hectic spring with preparations for the Artist Studio Tour [coming this weekend], getting ready to participate in Creative Chaos [just finished] and helping to create labels for our Art Show at the Vernon Community Art Center. Check out the great artwork on display from the members of the Okanagan Artist of Canada for the month of June.
I had a great time at Creative Chaos meeting old friends and having the chance to display my artwork. When I think of how often I was afraid to call myself an artist, it was great to hear people say “your artwork is amazing” “so happy”. So I finally feel comfortable calling myself an artist after all these years.
One artist I would like to brag about is Jeanette M. She asked permission to use this piece to create a quilt for the Children’s Section of the Vernon Library.

From my little 9″ x 12″ artwork, she created a 3′ x 4′ quilt that is stunning. She is truly the artist here and I could not be more proud of what she created. It was hung in the library this past week and if you have a chance to see it you will be amazed by her work.

Seth Godin says “Art is a personal gift that changes the recipient. The medium doesn’t matter. The intent does”

OAC Artist Studio Tour – June 17, 2017

Art and all it involves has been keeping me busy and as usual “I wonder where the time goes”. Last year I agreed to be one of the directors for our art club which is called the Okanagan Artists of Canada. I was part of the Maple Ridge Garden Club when I lived on the coast and always enjoyed being part of the clubs decision making so am enjoying my role in this one. Holly Smith and I have been working on an Artist Studio Tour here in Vernon and this week the posters and brochures go out to the public. The Artist Studio Tour will be held on June 17, 2017 from 10am to 4:30pm. Our write up for the tour is as follows:
The Okanagan Artists of Canada welcomes you to an Artist Studio Tour in the Vernon area. We invite friends, art enthusiasts and the curious to meet a variety of local artists in their home studios, as well as at the BX Cidery, the Vernon Community Art Centre and Mackie Lake House. The Artist Studio Tour is free and brochures that include locations and a map will be available by May 20th at Nadines Fine Art and Frames, Leap Art Supplies and Gallery, the Vernon Community Art Centre, the BX Cidery and the Vernon Public Art Gallery in Vernon. They will also be available at the Village Gallery in Lumby.
Check out the OAC website for further information: or contact me at:

In addition I am getting myself organized and ready for Creative Chaos being held at the Vernon Recreation Complex on June 2,3,and 4th. This is the first time I am participating in it and am looking forward to meeting fellow artisans there and also hoping many of you will stop by and say hello.